Thanks for participating in the Super Squad Subs for Dubs event!

1. Sign Up (if you aren't already confirmed)

If you aren't already onboard, sign up here and join our Discord server. A Bad Fox team member will reach out if we have slots available and get you confirmed! If you've already been talking to @Heintzer or another Bad Fox team member, you probably don't need to sign up again.

2. Stream Super Squad

Stream Super Squad on your Twitch channel during any of the following play windows this weekend:

📆Friday Sept. 11th from 🕚11AM to 3PM PDT (2PM EDT / 7PM BST / 8PM CEST)
📆Saturday Sept. 12th from 🕐1PM to 5PM PDT (4PM EDT / 9PM BST / 10PM CEST)

3. Win Games

There are two ways to win gift subs:

☝️ Win a game against anyone with your Squad!

✌️ Win a game against our roaming Dev Squad and earn their sub bounty!!


You'll know you're up against the Dev Squad if they have =BF= in their in-game names. Keep an eye on the #subs-for-dubs channel on our Discord server - we'll be constantly announcing the status of our Dev Squad's bounty. And we'll be streaming from the PlaySuperSquad Twitch channel if you want to Stream snipe.😈 (If multiple participating streamers are on the winning team, the bounty will be divided equally, rounded up to the next whole number.)

4. Claim your Gift Sub

Take a clip of your moment of victory and post it to the #subs-for-dubs channel on our Discord server. You can link directly to the Twitch clip - here's an example!

5. We'll drop your Gift Sub(s)!

The PlaySuperSquad Twitch account will drop into your chat and deliver the goods.

Keep an eye on the #subs-for-dubs channel - we'll be keeping everyone up to date on the percentage of subs we have left in our stockpile, as well as how high the Dev Squad's bounty has risen!

Thank you so much for participating - we're looking forward to the next couple of weekends!!

We'll see you on the battlefield.

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