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This page offers a super quick overview of how to play the game, so give it a once-over and you’ll be a step ahead when you dive into the playtest.

Controlling Your Troopers


Each player selects two Troopers to control in a match of Super Squad. You can swap which character you actively control (your PRIMARY TROOPER) at any time by hitting SPACE or by scrolling the MOUSE WHEEL.

Move your PRIMARY Trooper with W, A, S and D.

Move your SECONDARY Trooper by moving your MOUSE CURSOR and pressing Q or E.


The Trooper you selected first in Trooper select will respond to Q, while E commands the Trooper you selected second.

Movement Pro Tips

  • Pro tip: you can press and drag the Q and E keys to draw a PATROL PATH your Troopers will follow. This can be great for flanking enemies or juking behind cover.

  • Pro tip: you can press G to order your SECONDARY Trooper to AUTO-FOLLOW. They'll path to the position of your primary trooper.

  • Pro tip: in the options menu, you can set RELATIVE MOVEMENT to ON, and E will always command your SECONDARY Trooper, regardless of the order you picked them. Some players prefer this method!

Shoot with your PRIMARY Trooper by moving the MOUSE CURSOR and clicking the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.

Pro tip: you can hold down the left mouse button to automatically shoot at the Trooper’s rate of fire. Some Troopers (like Crow) have slower rate of fire and higher bullet damage, so you may find yourself single-clicking to snipe, while others (like Sarge) have high rates of fire and you’ll be better off spraying and praying.

Your SECONDARY Trooper will automatically shoot the nearest enemy target.

Each Trooper has two special abilities that can turn the tide of a fight.


and 2 activate the special abilities for the Trooper you selected first.

and 4 activate the abilities for the Trooper you selected second.

  • Pro tip: you can enable RELATIVE ABILITIES in the Options menu if you would prefer 1 andto activate abilities for your PRIMARY Trooper (the one you actively control), with 3 and 4 activating your SECONDARY Trooper’s abilities. Relative Abilities swaps 1 & 2 and 3 4 depending on which Trooper you’re actively controlling.

  • Pro tip: when you land basic attacks, you reduce the cooldown of your special abilities. So get your aim locked in!

  • Pro tip: there’s another little bar above your Trooper’s health bar — this is your SUPER CHARGE METER. Basic attacks fill up this meter, and when it’s full, the next time you fire that Trooper’s special ability will be a Super version, with more powerful effects. Limit break!

In addition to Health, Troopers have either an Armor or Shield bar. Different Troopers are more effective against Armor, Shields or Health.

  • Pro tip: bullets are color-coded for their damage type -- yellow for Armor, blue for Shields, and red for Health.

Siege and defend control points and kill enemy Troopers to drain their Victory Points to 0.

Capture powerful buffs that drop around the map to empower your bullets.

  • Pro tip: there are two categories of buffs: Damage buffs that increase your bullets' killing power, and Utility buffs, that make your bullets bigger, speed you up, and slow down your opponents.

  • Pro tip: Buffs stack up to 3 times for more and more powerful effects! Troopers can only have one buff type at a time and they lose all of their buffs when they die, so make sure to watch who’s got what on each team to know who to kill or stay away from.

  • Pro tip: The team that lands the last hit can pick up the buff - but any Trooper on that team can grab it.

User Interface

The Super Squad UI gives all the information you need about your two troopers, the state of the match, and more. Here's an overview:



Each Trooper has a unique role and a set of awesome abilities to learn. Click through the gallery below to check out the Troopers you can choose from during our Closed Beta (with more to come!)

Key Bindings


Here's a quick overview of the default keybindings. Click to magnify!

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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