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Patch Notes V0.01.84: Spectator Cam and The Pirate Docks hit the battlefield!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Dive into Custom Lobbies with your friends to get those sweet sweet clips! - Servers are down from 10:45-11:45 UTC

Hey all, it’s patch day again! We've got some awesome features for you all to sink your teeth into...

  • Our new map – the Pirate Docks

  • The end match team overview

  • The highly requested Spectator Cam

You're welcome to join our Discord to help give us feedback! Make sure to let us know what you think of all the changes as that's the best way to have your input on the game.

Now, let’s take a look at the changes in more detail:


New Map - The Pirate Docks:

This dockside paradise is the perfect place for Pirates to offload and trade their stolen goods. Whoever controls this town controls Pirate commerce, so get grappling over the gallows, brawling over the beach, or duel it out over control of the docks!


Spectator Camera:

The highly requested spectator camera is being added to Super Squad! Invite your friends to a custom lobby, by clicking the "10 player" button at the top of your squad on the play screen. Make sure that whoever's getting the shots is in the spectator slot and go into your custom match - simple as that!


Locking the camera to Troopers and Points:

  • Team 1 - Numbers 1-5

  • Team 2 - Numbers 6-0

  • Surge points A, B, and C - U, I, and O keys respectively

  • Return to free cam - \ (Backslash)

Toggling UI:

  • Toggling individual character UI ON / OFF - F1 key

  • Toggling in World Troop UI ON / OFF (Troops overhead UI and Flagpoints UI) - F2 Key

  • Toggling Global Score UI ON/OFF (Features current scoring and troops on each team) - F3 Key

  • Toggling in World Flags UI ON / OFF (Troops overhead UI and Flagpoints UI) - F4 Key


  • Reset Camera - Left CTRL key

  • Invert Up and Down Pitch - Caps Key#

  • Slow down and speed up pitch and yaw controls- , (Comma) OR . (Full stop)

  • Slow down and speed up strafe controls- Right shift + < OR >


  • Strafe Forwards - W Key

  • Strafe Backwards - S Key

  • Strafe Right - D Key

  • Strafe Left Key - A Key

  • Ascend - Space Bar Key

  • Descend - Left Shift Key

  • Spin Right + Locked Orbit Spin Right - Right Arrow Key

  • Spin Left + Locked Orbit Spin Left - Left Arrow Key

  • Pitch Camera Down + Locked Orbit Spin Down - Down Arrow Key

  • Pitch Camera Up + Locked Orbit Spin Up - Up Arrow Key


Match Overview:

Now at the end of every match players will see how their team stacked up against the enemy team. You're shown 5 stats, detailing the Damage, Tanking, Healing Assists, and VP and what % each team had in the match. This additional info will help you all really dive into the stats and see how you dominated the battlefield!


Trooper Rotation:


- Sarge, our rapid fire Soldier who excels in the middle of the fray dishing out AoE damage.

- Flintlock, the suave pirate who can never get enough booty

- Scorch, the gadget loving pyromaniac from the Military


- Skull Crusher, the smallest Giant from the island of Behemoth, dominates points and knocks skulls together whenever he's on the battlefield.


- Florp, the alien medic that just wants people to stop shooting at him


- Pan, the real GOAT


Quality of Life Changes

  • Refined the way our pak files work. This patch will be a big update, but future patches will be much quicker!


Bug Fixes

  • fixed an issue where audio for abilities wasn’t adjusting to the volume sliders correctly,

  • fixed an issue where players were getting stuck in the ground inside of spawn in The Abandoned Town map,

  • fixed an issue where players were getting stuck inside of objects on the Military base map and Frosty Hallows,

  • Fixed an issue where trails of PFX were ending before they should,

  • Refined the way that people are added to squads and custom lobbies, fixing some of the display issues that you’ve been seeing while on the main menu.


Known Issues

  • If you finish or get past the movement section of the tutorial, go back to the main menu, and then play through the tutorial again it won't load correctly and will think you're on the camera movement section. If you exit out and reload the tutorial it will work fine.

  • During the movement section of the tutorial you won't be moved to the center of the pads correctly. You will after the shooting objective of the tutorial.

  • Sometimes players can be stuck on the loading screen between squad select and playing on the map.

  • By pressing the ` key (next to 1 on qwerty keyboards) you will enter an Ai testing mode. This has no in game benefits for players, but we’re running dev builds so we can debug the game. If you do this your camera can get disconnected from your character. If you do this in base you can get stuck in base.

  • Some players are experiencing random crashes. Some of these have been fixed, but there may be more. If you experience this then join the discord and send over your log files to BadFox_Eddie. You can ask him how to get your log files and he'll help!

  • Borderless/Windowed/Fullscreen don't seem to be setting properly, working on a fix.

  • We've had one instance of Trooper's spawning with the incorrect UI, we're keeping an eye out for this, but haven't had any additional instances of the bug.

  • Sometimes Scorch's turret seems to be firing 2 projectiles - any more information on this would be much appreciated.

  • Sometimes when adding players to a party their names are not be visible. They are in your party and is just a visibility bug.


Steam ID: 9386546

Epic ID: 11590

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that your game is fully updated and able to play.


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