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Patch Notes: Kill Feed, Balance, and Bug Fixing

Hey everyone! Thanks for playing last week, we saw what we'd hoped on the server side, so our optimisation is progressing well! This week we're adding in a Kill Feed to help players understand what's going on around the map from second to second. We're also rebalancing a number of the passives bringing them more in line with one and other, Doing some Trooper rebalancing, and fixing some bugs you all have pointed out over the past few weeks!

Watch our Discord for updates, as we're looking to expand on the work put out this week in the coming weeks!


The Kill Feed:

Whenever anyone is killed on the map a message will appear on the middle right of the screen. Now you are able to see who's killing who wherever you are! This should help you understand who's a high priority target without having to quickly hit the TAB button. We'd like to hear from you guys what else you'd like logged in this area and we'll see what we can do in the coming weeks to help refine this to our communities requests!


Passive Rebalancing:

Damage Passives:

Kill Shield:

  • Shield and Duration has been buffed from a 150 for 4 seconds to a 300 for 6 seconds

Tank Passives:

Rear Guard:

  • Movespeed increase buffed from 15% to 20%


  • Damage increase buffed from 20% to 25%

Support Passives:

Hold the Line:

  • Damage increase buffed from 5% to 15%

  • Damage reduction buffed from 5% to 15%

Trail Blazer:

  • Per tick damage has been buffed from 30 to 45

Healer Passives:

Battle Medic:

  • Damage increase has been nerfed from 40% to 25%

Emergency Aid:

  • Healing tick has been buffed from 25 per tick to 50

Healing Pods:

  • Damage threshold to spawn a pod has been nerfed from 100 to 150

  • Enemy speed decrease when picking up an enemy orb has been buffed from 10% to 25%


Trooper Balance Changes / Bug Fixes

The Tanks are being made a bit more tanky and Xandark and Scorch are getting some small tweaks to their stats.

Skull Crusher:


  • Has been buffed from 1618 to 1768

Gun Damage:

  • Has been nerfed from 31 to 28


Rain of Fire:

  • Cooldown has been buffed from 22 to 18

Deploy Turret:

  • Cooldown has been buffed from 30 to 25



  • Now picks up and sticks correctly, it's been remade so it should feel slightly more fair in its interactions with allies and enemies.



  • Has been buffed from 1413 to 1563

Gun Damage:

  • Has been nerfed from 79 to 72


Gun Damage:

  • Has been nerfed from 60 to 55


Gun Damage:

  • Has been nerfed from 48 to 42


Bug Fixes:

  • Players should no longer spawn with 0 health if they dies when the group respawn timer triggered.

  • Splosion now works properly

  • You can now shoot people when they're directly next to a wall.

  • The crash course link should now take you to our new website!

  • Ability previews have been cleaned up, so abilities should no longer sometimes leave the aiming decal after firing.

  • Returning to main menu from match making queue when in a squad should now keep you in the squad.

  • You should no longer deal increased % damage on the last hit when killing an enemy Trooper.


Known Issues:

  • Keys sometimes don't disappear from the minimap when they're picked up before landing on the Floor


Steam Build ID: 6547317

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play in the test.


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