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Patch Notes: Introducing Domination

Updated: May 19, 2021

Hey everyone! Today we're bringing a new gamemode to Super Squad - Domination - and refining some of the menus and transitions in game to bring the Troopers more front and centre!

Watch our Discord for updates, as we're looking to expand on the work put out this week in the coming weeks!



We’re bringing back our old classic - Control, but it's been tweaked, changed, refined, and is now called Domination. Players battle for control of 3 Pylons spread across the battlefield. Capturing the Pylon will award the winning team 15 points towards their win condition. The Pylons will surge every 30 seconds, awarding the controlling team 30 points. Race against the enemy team to get to 1200 points before them to win the game! Let us know what you think to the new gamemode, all feedback is appreciated!


Squad Select Revamp

We’ve revamped the Squad select screen, bringing your team into focus, and allowing players to vote on the Gamemode they will be playing. You can also see the gamemode selection Top Left; make sure to vote to have your say on what gamemode you will be playing!


Learn Tab Revamp

We’re bringing the characters front and centre in the learn tab, helping players to get to know who they’re learning about. We’re also going to be adding gamemode, class, UI, and controls sections to the learn section of the menu to help players fully understand all the different parts of the game before playing!


Particle Effect Refinement:

A lot of the particle effects have been tweaked and changed to help all of them have a bit more flair and to aid in quick recognition when mayhem is happening in team fights. I'd recommend keeping your eyes on Xandark's poison bomb, it's one of our favourites...


Balance Changes:

Gamemode Balance changes

The end of match Trooper Token earning system has been rebalance for Strike. This should now help players get the rank that they should be getting from their performance in game!

Trooper Balance Changes


With the addition of Dodge charges and players getting more used to playing against him, Sarge's K/D/A and win rate has been falling. We're increasing the initial explosion damage to of Cluster Grenade to help players reliably get damage out, and rewarding those skilled players that can overlap the explosions even more!

Cluster Grenade: Inner explosion damage buffed from 110 to 150


Has been the problem child of the Troopers, having too much safety and damage to compete with… We’re nerfing her gun damage and Hookshot cooldown for the time being, with the aim to add damage scaling over distance in the future and rework her hookshot. This will mean that getting close to her will be the optimal strategy.

Gun: Bullet damage has been nerfed from 122 to 102

Hookshot: Cooldown has been nerfed from 20 seconds to 25


When used right, Florp is a must have to win games at the moment. The AoE heal can allow teams to stay topped up between team fights. As such, we’re nerfing the cooldown of Splosion.

Splosion: Cooldown has been nerfed from 10 to 14


Has had a bit too much safety, zipping in and out of fights with burrow, and never really dying. As such we're nerfing his burrow cooldown to help players catch him out and take him down.

Burrow: Cooldown has been nerfed from 18 seconds to 25


Known Issues:

  • keys sometimes don't disappear from the minimap when they're picked up before landing on the Floor

  • occasionally you won't be able to use one of your abilities, we're looking into the cause of this and hope to have a fix for you soon. Try using your other ability and this usually fixes it.

  • the camera aspect ratio may be incorrect for some users on Squad Select.


Steam Build ID: 6665661

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that your game is fully updated and able to play in the test.


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