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Patch Notes: Back to the Rematch

Hey everyone! With all of the changes that came with last week's patch, we're taking the time to help get everyone back in line with one and other - Eve, Sarge, Neb, and Skully had power levels over 9000... We're also bringing in a new map to the Domination gamemode - Martian Colony, as well as tweaking one of the chokes leading into the B on Asteroid Colony.

Watch our Discord throughout the weekend to take advantage of our LFG role, and keep the notifications on as we'll be running giveaways!


Domination Map - The Martian Town:

The hometown of Supreme Leader Nebular, the Martian Town is the place to be if you’re one of his many fans – or just looking to fill up your UFO. Head over to the Junker's Village to bask in the monument to our glorious leader, visit the gigantic altar in the center of town, or stake your flag next to the Flag of Earth in the historic tourist quarter.


Trooper Balance Changes


With the change to Sarge's Cluster Grenade, last weekend he was a bit unstoppable... We're bringing the nerf hammer down on him as the win rate of matches with Sarge in them was a bit too high to be alright. The main offender of Sarge last weekend - Cluster Grenade - is getting a nerf across the board to stop sarge feeling too oppressive when fighting against him. In terms of raw numbers, this should bring him more in line with the other Troopers.


  • Damage nerfed from 22 to 20

Cluster Grenade:

  • Cooldown nerfed from 12 to 14

  • Out damage nerfed from 130 to 115

Skull Crusher:

Skull Crusher was in a good spot last weekend - although I said this the week before as well - the main thing that was causing skully to feel a bit too strong was his reserves. You could be fighting him one on one, and the frequency and heal total of reserves meant that, while he didn't usually kill you, it was nearly impossible to kill him.

Reserves Tweaks:

  • Skull crusher damage absorption nerfed from 60% to 50%

  • AoE healing buffed from 60% to 70%

  • Cooldown nerfed from 18 seconds to 20


Last weekend Neb got a lot of changes, and most of the time he was fine... however, if you got a team that knew how to play around Psionic wave, he almost always turned the tides of a battle. We're rebalancing Psionic wave, and nerfing his gun damage a bit, to make it so he's really impactful, but not an automatic win.


  • Damage nerfed from 63 to 56

Psionic Wave:

  • Battleflag cooldown nerfed from 22 to 24

  • Attack buffs on standing in the area and allies standing in the area reduced from 25% to 15%


Eve was a bit too strong coming into last week as her gun range and damage were oppressive. We're also trying something a bit different with Angelic shot, we've reduced the cooldown and it's effectiveness, trialing our first "spammable" ability. Let us know what you think to the feel of it, as it will help to inform balance changes and ability design in the future.


  • Damage nerfed from 26m to 24m

  • Range nerfed from 47 to 41

Angelic Shot:

  • Cooldown changed from 9 seconds to 6 seconds.

  • Enemy % Damage changed from 15% to 10%

  • Ally heal changed form 20% to 13%


Bug Fixes:

  • The blacked out edge of the Underbelly now cuts out/goes see through correctly,

  • The Podium names should now scale correctly in Squad Select,

  • Projectiles sould now no longer be colliding with each other when Trooper's are firing towards each other,

  • Dash Particle Effects on abilities should now no longer get stuck on.


Known Issues:

  • Sometimes your dodges will get stuck when going in and out of vanity cam

  • Sometimes Troopers can be stuck off of the map in Asteroid colony, this seems to be linked to being knocked off while using a channeled ability (Suppressive Fire and Double O's)

  • Your keys may be set randomly in the options menu while changing settings

  • Sometimes the escape key won't work when in various menus, right click on the game to refocus the window, and ESC should work

  • Keys at Launch and Rockets diffused are not tallying correctly at the end of the Strike Match score screen

  • Sometimes key UI icons in Strike stay on the minimap after being collected

  • Fang's fetch seems to be bugging out while it's dragging people - we're working on a fix


Steam Build ID: 6813663

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play in the test.


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