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Patch Notes: Beta Weekend 2.0

Hey everyone! This weekend we're bringing in a new map for Domination, some tester balance changes for all of the Troopers, and a whole host of bug fixes that you all caught last weekend.

Watch our Discord throughout the weekend to take advantage of our LFG role, and keep the notifications on as we'll be running giveaways!


More Battlepass Levels:

We're bringing in 5 more levels to the Battlepass, allowing players to unlock more content if they smashed through the levels last weekend. Now you can unlock 300 more Super Coins, 400 Trooper Tokens, an additional Gamer Podium, and Bounty Hunter Xandark! If you hadn't managed to unlock Gamer Boy Sarge then this weekend is your chance...


Vanity Cam Changes:

Vanity cam (V) now no longer lets you cast abilities or shoot – this was always meant to be a way for you to see your skins and Troopers, not as a viable play style, and gave some Troopers (Looking at you, Crow) an unfair advantage due to their gun/ability range.


A New Domination Map:

The Underbelly:

The spacious interior of this ship was specially designed to accommodate Skull Crusher’s gigantic frame, but all Pirates benefit from it. With a treasure room that dragons would envy, ample prisoner holding, and a tastefully decorated Captain’s cabin, this ship is the often hailed as the most prestigious vessel on the high seas.


Gamemode Balance Changes:


Strike was a bit too difficult to diffuse the missile sites last weekend, so we're changing some variables to allow for easier diffusing when working as a team.

  • Repair time of power relays changed from 8 seconds to 10

  • Downed Window changed from 6 seconds to 8


Trooper Balance Changes


Gun Range:

We've reduced gun ranges across the board to test out how the more close quarters combat teamfights of Super Squad feels! From internal testing we found that it was an adjustment, but after a few games we really enjoyed it. Let us know what you think on Discord.

Health Regen:

Regen used to be a flat 30 every seconds after not taking damage for 6 seconds. We found that for Troopers like Crow and Florp this was alright, but when playing a Tank the HP regen was too punishing. Now, troopers regen health at 7% per second after 9 seconds of not taking damage.

Dodge Pips on the overhead UI:

We're now showing the dodge charges of each Trooper to everyone in game, this should give everyone more information regarding when they should commit to the fight and when they should back off.

Trooper Specifics:



  • Range reduced from 25m to 20m Suppressive Fire:

  • Speed decreased from 16m/s to 13m/s



  • Range reduced from 45m to 36m

Skull Crusher


  • Range reduced from 26m to 21m



  • Range reduced from 35m to 28m



  • Range reduced from 30m to 24m



  • Range reduced from 35m to 24m



  • Range reduced from 30m to 24m



  • Range reduced from 26m from 20m



  • Range reduced from 30m to 24m

Double O’s

  • Speed decreased from 15m/s to 12m/s



  • Range is staying the same



  • Range reduced from 25m to 20m


Known Issues:

  • It seems like bullets are sometimes colliding with each other.

  • Sometimes Troopers can be stuck off of the map in Asteroid colony, this seems to be linked to being knocked off while using a channeled ability (Suppressive Fire and Double O's).

  • Your keys may be set randomly in the options menu while changing settings.

  • Sometimes the escape key won't work when in various menus, right click on the game to refocus the window, and ESC should work.

  • Keys at Launch and Rockets diffused are not tallying correctly at the end of the Strike Match score screen.

  • Sometimes key UI icons in Strike stay on the minimap after being collected


Bug Fixes:

  • The Discord button, on finding match queue, now clicks properly instead of being slightly offset.

  • Should have a fix for abilities getting stuck and stopping dodging and the use of abilities.

  • Re branded the continue button to say 'rematch?'

  • Fixed fang and trigger clipping in learn tab

  • You can now esc out of the store instead of having to click the X at the top.

  • Bullets will now no longer cause damage when the opponent is the other side of small obstacles

  • While casting Double O’s and Suppressive Fire, you are no longer slowed to base Trooper speed when affected by an ability.

  • Pressing T will now no longer lock off movement – was the old chat function in the background.

  • The Store UI overlay should not stay on screen while you’re outside of a store or in the menu anymore.

  • The battlepass will now stop giving you levels after you’ve earned max battlepass rank.

  • Fixed class icons staying after deselecting Troopers in Squad Select

  • item store descriptions now should not flicker and stop showing you the item description

  • Volume sliders should now adhere to what you actually set them to – remember to turn the game back up in your audio mixer if you reduced it!

  • You should now be able to instantly click on settings as soon as you open the options menu.


Steam Build ID: 6737554

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play in the test.


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