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Patch Notes: Fellowship of the Rematch

Hey everyone! We're adding profile ranked system and MMR matchmaking, adding back in the in-game chat, revamping the UI, making changes to Domination, bringing some balance changes to the Troopers, and fixing some of the annoying bugs that have been plaguing the community. There's a lot coming into this patch, so we'll dive into it in the patch notes themselves!

Watch our Discord throughout the weekend to take advantage of our LFG role, and keep the notifications on as we'll be running giveaways!


UI Revamp:

We're changing the UI in Super Squad! This is for a couple of reasons; firstly, we wanted to centralise the Trooper and gamemode specific information at the bottom middle of the screen, allowing you to quickly get the information you need and giving us more space to put in a highly requested feature! Secondly, we wanted to give you more information on the Trooper's stats, aiding new players in their decision making, and helping players understand what's happening to your Troopers more easily. This should help you just have to look at one location while playing the game, so let us know what you think in our Discord!


Range Indicators:

While the above screen is quite chaotic, if you look at the cursor location at the top right of the image you can see a marker just below it. This is the range indicator for your gun! Generally speaking your range indicator will tell you your optimal distance to fight enemies, there is some nuance to this when taking some Troopers and their abilities into consideration, but that will come with learning what everyone does over a few games!


Profile Ranking and MMR Matchmaking:

Ranked is something that we're very excited to introduce to Super Squad! For the moment, we're bringing out a profile rank which will help you match with players of a similar skill level with you. This is done through a Match Making Rating (MMR) in the background, but will only really work with a larger player base. We also plan to add a ranked queue in the future, but that will come further down the line, but testing and refining of the system is needed before that comes into effect!


In-Game Chat:

We're bringing in the in-game chat! We've heard you guys over the last couple of weeks and we agree on the importance of chat. It will not only let squads who aren't on voice communicate, but will also allow our more experienced players who are playing solo inform their team on different strategies and tricks in game, so make sure to keep your eyes on the bottom left chat box for communication!


Balance Changes

Respawn Timers:

Respawn timers will now get longer as the game goes on, increasing 2 seconds every 2 minutes. We’ll still have grouped respawn timers, meaning if you die and someone else has died you will respawn with them, but now as the game goes on you won’t kill an enemy Trooper and have them come back what seems like instantly.

Health Rebalancing:

The Troopers have had a small health reduction of 50 acorss the board, and 100 across the board for Tanks.

Domination Revamp:

Domination has been a favourite of our last few playtest weekends, but we’ve been finding that after a few hours the gamemode was feeling a bit flat. We’re adding a few mechanics to help add to the strategy of Domination, without making it too complex for new players to get into:

Kills now award 1 point towards your victory, and each capture pylon you control adds 1 to a kill reward. For example: if you’re controlling 2 pylons and get a kill you will be awarded 3 points towards your victory.

The longer you hold a pylon, the more points it gets you! Every surge a pylon makes for 1 team will increase that point's next surge by 5, with a maximum of 50 points. If the opposing team captures the point it will reset it back to 30. This adds a lot of high level decision making, while leaving it largely unaffected for new players, so make sure to watch your bottom of screen UI to see what points are most important throughout the game!

Trooper Balance Changes:

Skull Crusher


  • Damage nerfed from 28 to 26 per shot


  • Health threshold nerfed from 15% to 10%

  • Duration nerfed from 10 seconds to 5

  • Healing soak buffed from 50% to 75%

  • AoE ally healing buffed from 60% to 75%

  • Cooldown buffed from 20 seconds to 18

Anchors Away:

  • Stun duration nerfed from 2 seconds to 1.5

  • Cooldown buffed from 10 seconds to 8

  • Initial damage nerfed from 130 to 100

  • Impact damage buffed from 120 to 135



  • Damage nerfed from 53 to 46



  • Damage nerfed from 72 to 68


  • Drag time nerfed from 2 seconds to 1.5



  • Damage has been nerfed from 63 to 56



  • Damage nerfed from 47 to 46


Bug Fixes:

  • Fang now no longer bugs people out when they’re being dragged by fetch.

  • Vanity cam should no longer bug out people’s UI. – tested in engine and seemed to work, but let us know if there’s any invisible overhead UI.

  • Flintlock’s Handsome Hellion Skin will no longer zoom you around the map.

  • Abilities should no longer get disabled. It seems to have been linked to latency, which is why a lot of our EU players last week were having it happen more frequently, as a large proportion of the games were on ohio servers.


Known Issues:

  • Sometimes your dodges will get stuck when going in and out of vanity cam,

  • Sometimes Troopers can be stuck off of the map in Asteroid colony, this seems to be linked to being knocked off while using a channeled ability (Suppressive Fire and Double O's).

  • Your keys may be set randomly in the options menu while changing settings.

  • Sometimes the escape key won't work when in various menus, right click on the game to refocus the window, and ESC should work.

  • Keys at Launch and Rockets diffused are not tallying correctly at the end of the Strike Match score screen.

  • Sometimes key UI icons in Strike stay on the minimap after being collected


Steam Build ID: 6839834

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play!


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