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Patch Notes: Hotfix and Balance Changes

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Hey Everyone, we’re back with some small clarity features, hot fixes, and balance changes after last week’s playtests. I know we said we wouldn’t be releasing anything for a few weeks, but there were some issues that couldn’t go unaddressed and some tweaks that needed to be done. We’re also sneaking in UI functionality updated to help players understand what their Troopers do!

We’ll be going on a couple weeks break from patches while we work the next major feature; our in-match progression system! Watch our Discord for updates, as we’ll be teasing some of the mechanics that will be underpinning the coming change.


UI Clarity Update

We’re updating the way you get information about your Abilities in Squad Select and in game. Where ever you see an ability icon if you hover over it a pop-up will appear telling you what the ability does, we’re planning on rolling this feature out into other aspects of the game, and including the enemy player’s abilities on the TAB screen to help new players quickly understand what everyone does.


Missile Strike Balance Changes

We’ve changed the way that power relays work to help limit the ‘get all the relays low, ignore the enemies, and one hit them with Sarge or Crow’ strategy. Now, when a relay has taken damage, but is not destroyed, it will not regen health for 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, it will regenerate health at a faster rate and up to 100%. The relay taking any damage will stop the regeneration.

Now you’ve got to actually take out the enemies before taking out the relays, with Troopers like Crow or Tharlin being key in keeping them from repairing with their advanced range.

Let us know what you think, but in internal testing that change gave us some of the closest games we’ve had yet!


Troopers Balance Changes


  • Now, whenever you cause damage to an enemy Trooper you get a sound played to help reinforce the fact you dealt damage. We’ve also added this to dodging, hitting pods, and pinging the map. (You ping by clicking in the middle mouse button and dragging it in one of the 4 cardinal directions)


She’s still a bit too strong, so her damage is getting a nerf. We’ve got some fixes to come for her, but they’re part of some larger systems that will be coming in, so bear with us in the meantime.


  • Damage has been nerfed from 137 to 122.


Neb is still being underutilised, we’re planning on changing how Battle Flag and Focus work (also Florp’s Transfusion) in the future. Take this buff for the moment, and we’ll revisit him in the future.


  • Damage increase buffed from 15% to 25


Similar situation to Crow, bear with us.


  • Damage has been nerfed from 118 to 103


Flintlock was feeling a little bit underpowered in the last playtest, so we’re giving him some small buffs across the board to help with his duellist’s potential.


  • has been buffed to from 969 to 1039

Double O’s:

  • Speed increased from 14m/s to 15

  • Damage Reduction buffed from 15% to 25


There was a bug where Fang's Smoke Bomb was affecting Troopers outside of the visual area of the PFX, that's now fixed.


  • Fixed smoke bomb overlap size, now the PFX and the overlap line up properly


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that caused the match-finding to bug out last playtest – it centered around match finding timer, but it’s all fixed now so no need to worry about it!

  • Fixed some squad up bugs we were seeing last week.

  • Dodges now no longer override speed buffs/debuffs – now if your movement speed will stay what it is meant to be even while you’re dodging.

  • Key pods now correctly take buffed (from abilities) gun and ability damage

  • You should now no longer be able to get into the enemy base when they respawn.

  • Ability descriptions now are updated and correctly describe what the abilities do – was some legacy stuff from when we changed abilities in the past.

  • Dead units no longer repair power relays if they die while standing on them.


Known Issues:

  • Keys appearing on the map when a Trooper kills an enemy with keys and picks them up before they hit the Floor.

  • Sometimes you can’t hit a Trooper when they’re pushed up directly next to specific pieces of the environment – looking into this.


Steam Build ID: 6446808

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play in the test!


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