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Patch Notes: Revenge of the Rematch

Hey everyone! We're bringing out a new Trooper - Eve - and revamping and rebalancing a number of Troopers abilities to ensure that everyone is competitive and enjoyable to play. We've also changes the way that Troopers move, speeding up the tactile feel of the game and smoothing out ability and dodge camera work.

Watch our Discord throughout the weekend to take advantage of our LFG role, and keep the notifications on as we'll be running giveaways!


More Battlepass Levels:

We're bringing in 4 more levels to the Battlepass, allowing players to unlock more content if they smashed through the levels last weekend. Now you can unlock 200 more Super Coins, 400 Trooper Tokens, an additional Gamer Podium- "Big Fan" -, and Heavens Champion Eve skin!


Movement System:

We’ve changed the way that Troopers move in game. We used to be accelerating their movement, meaning that when you were trying to do some of those fine-tuned dodges you were lagging a bit when you changed direction. We’ve now put the movement speed of all Troopers at maximum acceleration, so you get tight movement when dodging. However, we're accelerating the animations and the camera so that you move fast, but the movement feels and looks a lot smoother!

We’ve also fine-tuned the camera movement on things like the dodge, anchors away, being knocked back, and minor inconvenience to help give each ability or state that feeling of movement while it’s happening, and impact at the end of it. Long range abilities like hookshot and rain of fire also slightly raise the camera while casting them, to help give you that tactical information!


New Trooper - Eve:


Health – 948

Dodge Charges – 3

Move Speed – 6.96 m/s

Damage – 47

Range – 26m

Projectile Speed – 97m/s

Rate of Fire – 2.5

Angelic Shot:

Eve throws a magical ball at the cursor location with a range of 20m. If it hits an ally it heals them for 20% of their total HP, if it hits an enemy it deals 15% of their max HP as damage.

Restoration Rune:

Eve throws a rune on the ground at the cursor location within 22m. The rune pulses every 2 seconds and heals any unit for 50 health in a 12m diameter per pulse. The turret has 600 health and is destroyed either by depleting its health or killing Eve herself. When aiming the ability for more than 0.3 seconds, the camera will shift slightly up.


Gamemode Balance Changes:


Previously we increased the time to repair and downed time of the power relays by a couple of seconds, while this change was small, it seemed to make massive changes where players couldn't actually launch a missile. We're rebalancing these variables to help let players actually finish a match.

  • Repair times are changing from 10 seconds to 8,

  • Relay downed time changes from 8 seconds to 6.


Trooper Balance Changes


A good sarge player has been a menace over the last couple playtest weekends. His rate of fire has meant that once players learn how to track with him he can deal an insane amount of damage! This, combined with his ability damage, has meant that he’s been getting some great Kill/Death/Assist ratios. We’re slightly nerfing his gun damage to bring him in line with the rest of the Troopers, and reworking his cluster grenade to make it easier to hit the inner and outer explosions.


  • Damage nerfed from 24 to 22

Cluster Grenade:

Time between the inner and outer explosions halved, meaning it’s easier to hit enemies with multiple grenades.

  • Range nerfed from 23m to 20m

  • Inner explosion damage nerfed from 150 to 110

  • Outer explosion damage buffed from 120 to 135

Suppressive Fire:

  • Speed nerfed from 13m/s to 8.5m/s

  • When the ability is cast the camera will shift slightly up and angle back.


Crow’s damage and safety from knockback shot combined with the range of hookshot has meant that she’s been able to get some of the highest Kill/Death/Assist ratios in the game. We’re nerfing the range of hookshot, meaning that Crow players are going to have to be a lot more tactical in their positioning if they want to keep their safety. While the nerf sounds like a lot, the 60m was overkill, as the range from the centre of the screen to the edge is about 35m.


  • Range nerfed from 60m to 30m

  • When aiming the ability for more than 0.3 seconds, the camera will shift slightly up.

Skull Crusher:

Skully's in a good spot at the moment, but there was a bit of UX on his reserves that needed addressing. It's always worked properly, storing up damage and then healing it back to himself and his allies at the end of the duration or when he's taken below 15% max HP. This meant, however, that when you activated the ability while on low HP it instantly went off as you were under the threshold. We've added a small amount of healing as a base to this ability to help it feel better when you're low HP.

Reserves Tweaks:

  • Reserves works exactly the same as it did before, but now If the ability is pulled while under the minimum health threshold, then 200 base healing is done to everyone in the area.


Neb was a bit too passive in his abilities and one of the highest picked Troopers for new players last weekend. We're reworking his kit to make him interact with the enemies more and give him more of a dynamic role in the fast paced nature of what Super Squad is today.

Psionic Wave Rework:

  • Nebular releases a wave of psionic energy at the cursor location, creating a high damage area that lasts for 15 seconds or until he dies. Ally Troopers within the area deal 25% more damage, and enemies Troopers take 25% more damage from all sources. When aiming the ability for more than 0.3 seconds, the camera will shift slightly up.

Focus Rework

  • Nebular fires a projectile at the cursor location, with a range of 28m which can hit allies or enemies. If it hits an ally then it gives them a 25% damage increase for 7 seconds, if it hits an enemy then it deals 150 damage. The ability has a cooldown of 12.0 seconds.


Rain of fire was too slow in its old form, so we're allowing Scorch to move while casting and halving the time between casting and landing to help him keep up with everyone dodging around the battlefield.

Rain of Fire:

  • Scorch can now move while casting the ability, and it lands in half the time it previously did.

  • When aiming the ability for more than 0.3 seconds, the camera will shift slightly up.


With Eve coming into the fray, we can now start bringing down Florp’s healing amounts as he’s no longer the only dedicated healer. His speciality is still his mobile AoE heal on splosion, compared to Eve’s single target % heal, but the potential of double healer comps means he needs a bit of a nerf.

We’re also reworking transfusion to work much like mysterious liquid, now throwing a grenade which gives allies lifesteal or enemies healing reduction.


  • Max charges have been nerfed from 3 to 2.


  • Heal amount nerfed from 380 to 320


Tharlin’s playstyle was always meant to be getting enemies low with your gun’s high damage, and then going in with your Minor Inconvenience to finish them off. The recent gun range reductions across the board seemed to hit Tharlin the hardest, as it was counter intuitive to his playstyle. We’re slightly buffing his range to help to give him back his old assassination potential.


  • Range buffed from 24m to 26.


  • Range nerfed from 60m to 35 (35m is the edge of screen, so not really a nerf).

  • When aiming the ability for more than 0.3 seconds, the camera will shift slightly up.


Fang was in a pretty good spot, however his kit lacked a bit of nuance a lot of the other Troopers had. We've added a defence up buff to smoke bomb to give Fang mains a bit more to consider before always throwing Smoke bomb at whoever they're trying to tag with fetch.

Smoke Bomb:

  • Smoke bomb now buffs allies for 30% for 7 seconds, in addition to slowing enemies.


Last week we updated the way that Trooper speed increases was done, this meant that the speed of Double O’s was a bit too fast for people to deal with, so it’s getting a nerf.

Double O’s:

  • speed nerfed from 12m/s to 9

  • When the ability is cast the camera will shift slightly up and angle back.

Mysterious liquid slight rework:

  • Mysterious liquid has now been changed to a heal over time effect, rather than a straight heal. If an ally is hit or walks over mysterious liquid, they are healed for 200 Health over 3 seconds.


Xandark has been really strong over the past 2 weeks, but on paper she's very similar in damage to a lot of our other powerhouses. One of the main factors we could see that was causing this was the lack of risk while aiming backstab - players were just spamming the button until they hit someone. We've turned it into a teleport so that players now have to be 100% on committing to the ability before just firing it off - if you miss then you're in the middle of the enemy team and you're probably not making it out.


  • Damage is 47


  • Backstab has been reworked to now be a teleport. If you cast the ability then you will teleport to the target location. If you hit an enemy then the ability will work exactly the same as it did before, if you miss then you will just teleport to the target location, so be careful and no more spamming the ability to hit someone!


Bug Fixes:

  • You should now no longer be able to get stuck in spawn in the urban battleground map,

  • You should no longer be able to burrow or hookshot into a spawn zone and get stuck inside,

  • The battlepass should now credit users properly when they unlock items,

  • If you dodge charges get stuck recharging it should now reset after death or if you're able to do another dodge, we're working on a fix for this.


Known Issues:

  • Sometimes your dodges will get stuck when going in and out of vanity cam,

  • It seems like bullets are sometimes colliding with each other.

  • Sometimes Troopers can be stuck off of the map in Asteroid colony, this seems to be linked to being knocked off while using a channeled ability (Suppressive Fire and Double O's).

  • Your keys may be set randomly in the options menu while changing settings.

  • Sometimes the escape key won't work when in various menus, right click on the game to refocus the window, and ESC should work.

  • Keys at Launch and Rockets diffused are not tallying correctly at the end of the Strike Match score screen.

  • Sometimes key UI icons in Strike stay on the minimap after being collected

  • Fang's fetch seems to be bugging out while it's dragging people - we're working on a fix.


Steam Build ID: 6775762

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play in the test.


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