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Patch Notes V0.01.14: Hot Fix before Month Long Push for THIRD ABILITIES

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Servers will be closed for Patch Maintenance - 13:00-14:00 UTC on 27/08/2021

Hey everyone! Today we’re bringing in some bug fixes to the game - smoothing out some of the edge cases around the Actives and general abilities. We’re not going to be pushing a patch over the next month as we’re working on something big in the background – Trooper Third Abilities!

You're welcome to join our Discord to help give us feedback! These actives will need some tweaking and balancing, so make sure to let us know what you think as that's the best way to have your input on the game.


Trooper Third Abilities

This has been a heavily requested feature from the community, and they’re all being designed and made to really deepen the interactions between each Trooper and refine individual Trooper’s Kits and playstyles. This will require a rebalance of all Ability stats and Cooldowns, so it’s going to be a very big gameplay change!

Here’s some high-level examples of the types of Abilities we’re going to be adding in our next big patch:

Skull Crusher - Behemoth Slam

Skully slams down on the ground damaging all enemies in the area and creating a slowing zone on the ground around him. If the impact hits an enemy while they are stunned then they are stunned for an additional amount of time.

Nebular - Energy Wall

Neb summons an energy wall at the cursor location which blocks all shots and movement. It has a healthbar, do enemies can destroy it to remove it from the field.

Xandark - Culminate Wounds

Xandark spins on the spot, dealing minor damage to all enemies in a small area. If the affected enemy has any DoT effect, then it consumes it dealing a % of the remaining DoT as a burst of damage.

Eve - Divine Intervention

Eve flies up into the air and dives down to an ally’s side. When she lands, she releases a wave of healing which gives all allies in the area a powerful DoT effect.


Lights, Camera, Action - Battlepass Updates

First order of business: we're extending the "Outta this World" battlepass for another week - until Thursday 2/09/2021 so make sure to get in your games before we go live!

The main piece we're happy to announce is the Lights, Camera, Action Battlepass which will be live Friday 03/09/2021! As you can see in the above image you can see the skins for Sarge, Fang, and Scorch, as well as some cool Podiums for you all to unlock!


New Trooper Rotation


Quality of Life Changes

  • Passives and Actives now show on the store at the same time, rather than being in individual tabs


Bug Fixes

  • Disarming Chords now affects multiple Enemy Troopers correctly.

  • Marching Band end effect now triggers correctly at the end of the ability and on cancel.

  • Minor Inconvenience should now no longer teleport you across the map in rare instances.

  • Turrets should now be able to shoot each other correctly.

  • Extra bug catches and handling for disabling and enabling movement across various abilities.

  • Active Abilities now terminate correctly on selling them back to the store.

  • Kill Shield should now deplete and remove itself correctly.

  • Teleport station is now removed consistently when pressing the key after both ends have been placed.


Known Issues

  • You may have to restart the game to get your store to refresh correctly and receive a purchased item.

  • By pressing the ` key (next to 1 on qwerty keyboards) you will enter an Ai testing mode. This has no in game benefits for players, but we’re running dev builds so we can debug the game. If you do this your camera can get disconnected from your character. If you do this in base you can get stuck in base.

  • Your keys may be set randomly in the options menu while changing settings.

  • Sometimes the escape key won't work when in various menus, right click on the game to re-focus the window, and ESC should work.

  • Keys at Launch and Rockets diffused are not tallying correctly at the end of the Strike Match score screen.

  • Sometimes key UI icons in Strike stay on the minimap after being collected

  • Sometimes in squad select some players are given a wider aspect ratio than intended.

  • Sometimes when a Trooper respawns they can lose their overhead UI, we're tracking this down.

  • If you end the match with an ability being aimed, the aiming line/reticule will get stuck on screen. This can cause your abilities to lock off in the next game. If you have this bug go back to main menu before re-queueing and it will fix it.

  • Borderless/Windowed/Fullscreen don't seem to be setting properly, working on a fix.

  • We've had one instance of Trooper's spawning with the incorrect UI, we're keeping an eye out for this, but haven't had any additional instances of the bug.

  • Some players are experiencing random crashes. Some of these have been fixed, but there may be more. If you experience this then join the discord and send over your log files to BadFox_Eddie. You can ask him how to get your log files and he'll help!

  • Sometimes dodging can consume almost 2 charges if you dodge as your second dodge comes off cooldown – looking into this.

  • Shooting the bus stops in game up close will block projectiles, while shooting from long range wont.

  • Some throwable ability models are getting stuck in the air – it’s just visual as the ability still works perfectly.

  • Sometimes troopers can already be picked when you load into a game, looks like the bots are starting to think for themselves...

  • Pan's Trooper Info on the learn tab is incorrectly showing 46 damage on his weapon instead of 41 - this will be fixed next patch or if there is a hot fix sooner.


Steam Build ID: 7263886

Epic ID: 9216

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play.


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