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Patch Notes V0.01.30: Anyone up for a Challenge?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Hey all, we're bringing out the first of many features designed to reward you all for your time spent playing the game. Today is the Daily and Weekly challenges and Log-in Rewards, which gives you randomly generated challenges to complete each day and rewards you for logging in every day in a week. We've got a lot coming in the future, so keep an eye on our announcements for updates!

We've also got our first Community Scrims happening today at 18:00 GMT between Team Deathball and Team Underdog! They'll be streaming the game from their personal twitch accounts, so tune in to see some high quality gameplay.

You're welcome to join our Discord to help give us feedback! These actives will need some tweaking and balancing, so make sure to let us know what you think as that's the best way to have your input on the game.


Daily/Weekly Challenges and Login Rewards

The daily/weekly challenges are here to give players a reward for their time spent in the game. You'll get 3 daily challenges and 1 weekly challenge, and will be given the option to re-roll 1 challenge a day if it doesn't suit your playstyle.

We've also added in daily log-in rewards. They start monday, and you have to log-in every day in the week to reach the end rewards. You can see the red icons on the screenshot showing that I can't get the last 3 log-in rewards because I logged in too late in the week.

At the moment, you're getting TT and SC from your challenges and log-in rewards, but we're going to be diversifying the rewards that you gain in the future. Let us know what you think of the new systems and we'll take all feedback into consideration!


New Trooper Rotation


Art Updates

Eve Face Remodel

Eve has had a face lift, so she’s no longer as terrifying in the end of match screen. FabledRed is very happy about this change.


Balance Changes


Skull Crusher:

Behemoth Slam:

  • Damage increased from 75 to 150.


Rain of Fire

  • Added 100 damage to the impact explosion

  • DoT damage nerfed from 37 to 32


Menacing Bark

  • Silence duration buffed from 3 seconds to 4



  • Damage nerfed from 103 to 93


Divine Intervention

  • HoT nerfed from 75 per tick to 60



  • Damage nerfed from 39 to 34

Ram Slam

  • Damage nerfed from 120 to 100

Disarming Chords

  • Damage nerfed from 110 to 100


Bug Fixes

  • Strike power relays are now being damaged, destroyed, and repaired correctly.

  • Fix for timer not ending on matchmaking correctly.

  • Scorch’s abilities should no longer lock up – this was being caused by bomb drone being on cooldown and being used, so the was the cooldown has been activated has been fixed.

  • Divine intervention should now no longer bug out on respawning targets.

  • Shop Ui should no longer bug out when going into the shop while holding down and ability key.

  • S'plosion is now attaching to targets correctly.

  • Vulture Crow now no longer T-poses when you cast raven's mark.


Known Issues

  • Sometimes players can be stuck on the loading screen between squad select and playing on the map.

  • Keys at Launch and Rockets diffused are not tallying correctly at the end of the Strike Match score screen.

  • By pressing the ` key (next to 1 on qwerty keyboards) you will enter an Ai testing mode. This has no in game benefits for players, but we’re running dev builds so we can debug the game. If you do this your camera can get disconnected from your character. If you do this in base you can get stuck in base.

  • Some players are experiencing random crashes. Some of these have been fixed, but there may be more. If you experience this then join the discord and send over your log files to BadFox_Eddie. You can ask him how to get your log files and he'll help!

  • Your keys may be set randomly in the options menu while changing settings.

  • Sometimes the escape key won't work when in various menus, right click on the game to re-focus the window, and ESC should work.

  • Sometimes key UI icons in Strike stay on the minimap after being collected

  • Sometimes in squad select some players are given a wider aspect ratio than intended.

  • Sometimes when a Trooper respawns they can lose their overhead UI, we're tracking this down.

  • Borderless/Windowed/Fullscreen don't seem to be setting properly, working on a fix.

  • We've had one instance of Trooper's spawning with the incorrect UI, we're keeping an eye out for this, but haven't had any additional instances of the bug.

  • Sometimes dodging can consume almost 2 charges if you dodge as your second dodge comes off cooldown – looking into this.

  • Some throwable ability models are getting stuck in the air – it’s just visual as the ability still works perfectly.

  • Sometimes troopers can already be picked when you load into a game, looks like the bots are starting to think for themselves...

  • Sometimes Scorch's turret seems to be firing 2 projectiles - any mope information on this would be much appreciated.

  • Eve's UI portrait and Store image still reflects the old face model


Steam Build ID: 7663442

Epic ID: 9526

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play.


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