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Patch Notes V0.01.70: Beauty and the Bots

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Servers will be down from 15:00-16:00 UTC

Hey all, this week we’re bringing you some improvements to AI behaviour, some visual updates, and a variety of bug fixes.

  • AI improvements – they’re hungrier for surges in Domination!

  • Visual updates: Models – we’ve added a little extra love and detail to some of our map assets

  • Visual updates: Troopers – the Troopers have hit the spa and they’re positively glowing thanks to the help of Subsurface Scattering!

  • Bug fixes – thanks to you guys, we were able to track down and fix a lot of bugs

You're welcome to join our Discord to help give us feedback! Make sure to let us know what you think of all the changes as that's the best way to have your input on the game.

Speaking of Discord - we're running a Screenshot Competition and giving away 300 Super Coins to the winner! Head over to our server and check out the announcements channel for more info on how to enter.

Now, let’s take a look at the changes in more detail:


AI Improvements

Based on feedback from the last patch, we’re tweaked the AI and are trying some new things to improve their behaviour in Domination.

For one, the bots will now defend zones better and try harder to hold onto surges - rather than abandoning a freshly capped zone, they will prioritise locking down the area and racking up their surge values.

We've added in an additional tier of behaviour priority, so the bots now use Low, Medium, and High priority behaviours during the match. This will facilitate an extra level of diversity as to how bot matches play out.

There may still be issues with AI behaviour, so if you see an issues please let us know!


Visual Updates: Models

Some of our models were in need of a little TLC, so we gave it to them! Whether increasing the poly count, adding to the model itself, or giving the texture more flair, we’ve visited maps across the Factions to make sure they’re feeling fresh.


Visual Update: Troopers

We’re now making use of Subsurface Scattering on our Troopers, so their skin looks more alive – and they’re positively glowing with pride!


Trooper Rotation


Quality of Life Changes

Throwables – we’ve tweaked the timing on throwables to make them feel snappier but still allow the potential for players to dodge out of the way; overall the throw time has been reduced but longer ranged throws will take longer to land than shorter ranged throws.

Capture Time – we’ve lowered the capture time in Domination to make gameplay feel quicker and points more viable to cap for a single Trooper; the new times are listed below:

1 Trooper: 25 Seconds

2 Troopers: 20 Seconds

3 or more Troopers: 15 Seconds

Using Scoreboard – now when tabbing to the in-game Scoreboard, you can continue to control your Trooper behind the UI


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where ‘charge’ abilities and knock backs such as Anchor’s Away and Knock Back Shot caused Troopers to fall below the map – Troopers will now jump slightly into the air when charging or being knocked back

  • Fixed a bug where Divine Intervention would cause Eve to fly down to the middle of the map if the target disappeared whilst she was in the air

  • Fixed a bug where Eve could get stuck inside Relays after casting Divine Intervention on them

  • Fixed a bug where Backline Carry damage buff could stay applied for the duration of a match

  • Fixed a bug where some objects that could be shot over blocked shots at close range

  • Fixed a bug where Passive abilities could still proc after being sold

  • Fixed a bug where Troopers could enter and cast abilities into enemy spawn zones

  • Fixed a bug where Booster Shot was still working after Florp had been killed

  • The in-game store UI will now display over the top of all other UI

  • Fixed a bug where some info in the Learn Tab was displaying the wrong values


Known Issues

  • Sometimes players can be stuck on the loading screen between squad select and playing on the map.

  • By pressing the ` key (next to 1 on qwerty keyboards) you will enter an Ai testing mode. This has no in game benefits for players, but we’re running dev builds so we can debug the game. If you do this your camera can get disconnected from your character. If you do this in base you can get stuck in base.

  • Some players are experiencing random crashes. Some of these have been fixed, but there may be more. If you experience this then join the discord and send over your log files to BadFox_Eddie. You can ask him how to get your log files and he'll help!

  • Your keys may be set randomly in the options menu while changing settings.

  • Sometimes in squad select some players are given a wider aspect ratio than intended.

  • Borderless/Windowed/Fullscreen don't seem to be setting properly, working on a fix.

  • We've had one instance of Trooper's spawning with the incorrect UI, we're keeping an eye out for this, but haven't had any additional instances of the bug.

  • Sometimes Scorch's turret seems to be firing 2 projectiles - any more information on this would be much appreciated.

  • Sometimes when adding players to a party their names are not be visible. They are in your party and is just a visibility bug.


Steam ID: 8274884

Epic ID: 10197

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that your game is fully updated and able to play.


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