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Playtest Weekend Starts Today! Plus Patch Notes

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Hey everyone! We’ve got a lot of content being added this week, with the aim to give those dedicated players over the 3-day weekend something exclusive for them to unlock. We’re also adding 2 more maps to the Domination gamemode, revamping a lot of the sounds across the game, and making some balance and quality of life changes. Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield from Friday 7PM BST - Monday 1AM BST

Watch our Discord throughout the weekend to take advantage of our LFG role, and keep the notifications on as we'll be running giveaways!


Free 3-Day Battlepass:

Players will automatically be given a battlepass upon opening the game with 10 levels to progress through. If a player completes the battle pass they will have earned 1000 Super Coins, 3 Beta tester Podiums, the Heavy Sarge Costume, and the Gamer boy Sarge Podium and Super Skin! Make sure to sink your teeth into the game to ensure that you’re able to unlock everything before the weekend is over!


2 New Exclusive Skins:

These skins can only be won through streamers or our Discord giveaways that will be running throughout the 3-day weekend. So, make sure to check out our discord and watch twitch for your chance to win Dragon Tamer Fang or Cyborg Flintlock!


2 New Domination Maps:

The Reef:

Disturbed only by sunken ships for decades, the call of The Reef’s treasures attracted attention from Pirates throughout the world. If you think it will be easy to claim, don’t hold your breath; the Kraken guards his mountain of treasure with fierce jealousy and the ancient ruins give your enemies perfect hiding places; but at least the coral is pretty.

Castle Grounds:

Buried deep within the Enchanted Forest, this castle village was besieged by invaders who took everything but the mythical sword in the stone. Try to retrieve the sword for yourself near the King’s Statue, admire the high walls of the historic keep, and buy some wares at the market – but be wary of the fae merchants!


Balance Changes:

Trooper Balance Changes


Although last week we buffed Sarge, as in the higher skill cap games he was underperforming, he was still feeling a bit week last week. We're buffind Suppressive Fire to help turn him into the power house that he was always meant to be!

Suppressive Fire: Damage per tick buffed from 35 to 42


With the Crow nerfs last week we saw her K/D/A and win rate drop a fair bit, to compensate we're slightly buffing her gun damage, while nerfing her knockback shot stun duration. this should help to bring her in line with the other Troopers again, without pushing her to the top of the pile again. Sorry Crow mains...

Gun: Bullet damage has been buffed from 102 to 107

Knockback Shot: Stun duration has been nerfed from 2 seconds to 1


Rallying call has been feeling a bit underwhelming, so we're buffing the speed increase and the cooldown to help make him that tanky menace that he should be.

Rallying Call:

  • Speed increase has been buffed from 12% to 15%

  • Cooldown has been buffed from 17 seconds to 15


Quality of Life Changes:

  • The splash screen has been lowered in volume.

  • The Trooper classes have now been made more obvious on the learn tab, squad select, and in-game TAB score screen and overhead UI.

  • Super Skins now have their correct sound – should hear a marked difference.

  • The menus have had a sound overhaul, so everything has feedback and feels much more gamey!

  • Podiums have now been scaled up, so all Troopers should fit on them in Squad select and the end of match screen.


Known Issues:

  • keys sometimes don't disappear from the minimap when they're picked up before landing on the Floor

  • occasionally you won't be able to use one of your abilities, we're looking into the cause of this and hope to have a fix for you soon. Try using your other ability and this usually fixes it.

  • the button to join the discord, on the "finding match" screen, is slightly below the DISCORD ICON.


Steam Build ID: 6700550

To view this go to Steam > Library > Right Click Super Squad > Properties > Updates

It's at the bottom of the small pop-up window and is a way for you to ensure that you're game is fully updated and able to play in the test.


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